psIMAlert for Developers

.Net Developers can call psIMAlerts (Send-Alert) using the helper assembly psIMAlertLib.

Download psIMAlertLib

1. The library must be called from a 64 bit process.
2. The solution must run on the Lync or OCS server.
3. The library is free however a server license is require for psIMAlert beyond the trial period.
4. The library supports sending a HTML templated message only.
6. The library supports only a pipelined list of recipient target Ids.
7. There is limited support.

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The following steps creates a test 64bit C# Console solution to send a message to one recipient using the 'Shield' template.

1. Select Start, All Programs, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Select Microsoft Visual Studio 2010



2. From the File menu select New then Project.

3. Under Installed Templates expand C#. Select Windows. In the middle result list select

Console Application

4. In the name field enter psIMAlertLibTest
5. Select OK

6. Download
       C:\Program Files\Blue Quality Studios\psIMAlert
7. In DevStudio from the Project menu select Add Reference
8. Select the Browse tab.
9. In the File Name field enter
       C:\Program Files\Blue Quality Studios\psIMAlert\psIMAlertLib.DLL
Note: Select
       not    psIMAlert.DLL

10. In the Add Reference dialog select OK. In Solution Explorer the psIMAlertLib will appear under References.

11. At the top of Program.cs before namespace add the line
       using BQS.psIMALertLib;

12. In Program.cs replace the Main function with
        static void Main(string[] args)
            string strFrom = "";
            string strTo = "";
            string strSubjectLine = "Testing";
            string strTemplateName = "Shield";
            string strHtmlMessageText = "This is a test message";
            psIMAlertLib objPsIMAlertLib = new psIMAlertLib();
            List<SendRecipientOutcome> aOutcomes =
                        new string[] { strTo },
            if (aOutcomes != null)
                foreach (SendRecipientOutcome objOutcome in aOutcomes)
                    Console.WriteLine("{)}: {1}",
                           objOutcome.Uri, objOutcome.ResponseCode);
13. From the Project menu select psIMAlertLibTest Properties.

14. On the left hand side tab select Build

15. In the Platform Target pulldown select x64


16. In the Build menu select Build solution.
17. Signin using Lync or Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 as the recipient (in our example This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
18.  In Program.cs select the last line of Main
19. From the Debug menu select Toggle Breakpoint
20. From the Debug menu select Start Debugging
21. Select the Popup toast. 


22. Inspect the log file
            C:\ProgramData\Blue Quality Studios\psIMAlert\Log\psIMAlert.log