psIMALerts - Frequently asked questions

Is there any desktop software to deploy?  
No - Instant Messages generated by psIMAlerts are received by the existing Microsoft Lync or Communicator 2007R2 desktop software.

Can anyone send a IM Alert?  
No - the Powerhsell CmdLet (Send-Alert) can be run only by Lync or OCS Administrator on the server. IM Alerts Studio is the web client and an Administrator can delegate access to staff to compose and send alerts from a browser on any desktop.

Is there a 32bit and 64 bit version of psIMAlerts
psIMAlerts comes in only a 64 bit version. psIMAlerts installs only on a OCS 2007 R2 (or later). To send bulk messages from a (32bit) desktop use IMAlerts Studio.

What is the maximum number of recipients?
There is no known upper limit. Each alert instant message goes as a 1 to 1 message so in practice the duration to send the each message is a practical limit.

What happens to the alert is someone is offline?
In version 1.0 recipients who are offline are skipped. In Version 1.1 (February 2010) an option will exist to send an alert to someone offline to their corporate (Microsoft Exchange) mailbox as a mail message.

Can recipients be external contacts? 
Only accounts that are part of the Active Directory can be recipients.