psIMAlerts Tutorials - Single Target

psIMAlerts is a Powershell® CmdLet (Send-Alerts) for IT Administrators to send bulk Instant Messages to either Microsoft Lync or Microsoft Communicator 2007R2. psIMAlerts is installed on the Microsoft Lync 2010 or Microsoft Office Communications 2007 R2 server. There is no software installed on the desktops. Messages can be either a plain text or rich HTML message.

psIMAlerts provides a number of very flexible options to specify recipients by supplying a single target id including the following:

1. the id of a single Active Directory account
2. the id of a single Active Directory group (all members of an group and nested groups are recipients)
3. the name of an Exchange server(accounts assigned a mailbox on the Exchange server are recipients)
4. the name of an Lync or OCS pool (accounts assigned to the pool are recipients)

In addition recipients can be provided by pipelining. See Pipelining tutorial later for examples.